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Thứ Hai, 1 tháng 3, 2021

AMPA opens Kindermusik in HCMC


AMPA opens Kindermusik in HCMC 

Released at: 14:03, 16/04/2018 

AMPA opens Kindermusik in HCMC

Photo: Hong Nhung (VET)

Educational music program for young children launched in HCMC.

by Khanh Chi

Kindermusik® International, one of the world’s leaders in music and movement education, announced on April 13 the signing of a master franchise agreement in Vietnam.

The grand opening event for Kindermusik Vietnam was held on the next day at the SOUL Music & Performing Arts Academy (SMPAA), attended by Mr. Scott Kinsey, CEO of Kindermusik International Inc. USA, Ms. Jeannie Castillo, Master Trainer for Kindermusik International, Mr. Thanh Bui, Founder of Asia Music & Performing Arts Education (AMPA Education), Ms. Trieu Yen, a Kindermusik educator in Vietnam, and other experts in early childhood education.

Kindermusik, the educational music program for young children, is brought to Vietnam by AMPA Education and the event also attracted the attendance of hundreds of parents, young children and leading experts in the early childhood education industry.

“We are thrilled to be able to grow the presence of Kindermusik in Vietnam,” said Mr. Kinsey. “The brand’s 40-year history and industry leadership provide a solid foundation for its expansion.”

AMPA Education is the exclusive representative of Kindermusik in Vietnam and it is their vision to push creative education for Vietnamese children, especially from the early stages of life. On the morning of the opening day at SMPAA, through activities such as experiential classes and an interactive talk-show, Kindermusik’s international representatives and the leading Vietnamese experts in the early childhood educational field explored many interesting items based on the topic “Are the Arts just as important as Maths/Science?”.

Kindermusik offers developmentally-specific music classes for children, from newborns to seven years of age. Its program is based on research from experts that demonstrate the benefits of music on a child’s brain development.

It is not only a music class but also offers physical and social activities, with the notion of creating a foundation for helping children to be confident and connected to their surroundings and to the world.

Established in 1978, Kindermusik now operates in over 60 countries, offering a fully-developed program for children. Through participating in Kindermusik classes, children will develop gross and fine motor skills, phonological processing and language skills, cognitive abilities and creativity, and social and emotional skills. For example, research shows that 30 minutes per week with Kindermusik increases a child’s phonological awareness by 32 per cent over the control group.

The Kindermusik class is designed to help children focus on developing a sense of music and creativity. Children from six months to 7 years old enjoy interacting with music, participating in activities with parents, and playing customized instruments.

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